About Us – Rich and Rose

We are Rich and Rose.

Our paths met in 2013, coming from very different places.


Match.com was the facilitator, and we are most thankful that online dating gave us the means to get together. It never would have happened otherwise.  We lived over an hour apart.

While following the paths of our lives we have learned a few things about dating, relationships, and life that we would like to share with you hoping that your life will find some of the pleasures we found because we dated.

Although our professions give us daily opportunities to help people in medicine and law, we would like to think that our discoveries in the common sense of dating can help others find satisfaction in the wonderful, yet challenging, world of personal relationships.

Thank you for being here now.

We hope you are on your way to great places!

Rich and Rose

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Rich and Rose met in 2013 through match.com and are really enjoying their relationship. They offer what they have learned about dating and relationships to help others also have success with dating.

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