Rules to get Noticed for your Online Dating Profile

Win the online dating game by doing it better!

bearRule # 1 – Keep ahead of the others
You know the old joke about the guy stopping to put on his running shoes while a bear is chasing him and his buddy. The buddy asks “Do you really think those shoes will help you outrun a bear?”  His calm response is “I don’t need to outrun the bear, I just need to outrun you.”

The same logic holds true for dating online. Be better than your competition and you win, you get the attention.  Thank your lucky stars that most dating profiles are not very well done.  So, tie on your  running shoes and polish your profile to look better than the other ones.

Rule # 2 – Know what your “buyer” wantsbananas2
Which banana gets picked first?  It all depends on what the buyer wants from the banana.  Over-ripe bananas sell well for making banana bread.  Some people can’t put up with any brown specks.  Others want really green bananas to eat much later.  Someone may want just one that is perfectly ripe to eat in the parking lot.

Who’s your buyer?  What is it about you that your date wants?  When you can answer those questions, you can properly show off your assets and attract the attention you want.  Lets say you want a date who will appreciate your stability. You may want to mention that you’ve been following your hobby since you were a teen or that you’ve been elected to the position of treasurer in an organization for xx years in a row.  Facts speak much louder than the common simple brag statements like “I’m a dependable person” or ” My friends say I’m ……”
bad-appleRule # 3 – Know what your “buyer” doesn’t want
Some profiles are rotten apples.  No one in their right mind would pursue those people based on their profiles. If you’ve seen a few profiles then you will likely have noticed the rotten apples.

There are also some better approaches to improve good profiles. One thing people do all the time is say they are looking for someone who is honest.  We wonder if that distinguishes them from the people who are searching for dishonest dates?  Displaying a strong need for honesty is code for “I’ve been burned by a no-good lying ……”  It’s better not to disclose that early on.  Avoid the negative in your profile.  You may be justifiably bitter about your last relationship, but it doesn’t sell well. Also, most people are nervous about dating, but don’t say things like “I can’t believe I am doing this.”  You are doing it, so everyone believes it.  At least pretend to be confident.  It’s attractive.  Additionally, avoid nonsense. Saying things like “I like people” just makes potential dates think “Huh? Doesn’t everybody?”  Display your smarts.

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