Something’s gotta give

Being single means you have more control over your life than when you are in a relationship. While you gain the benefits of being with someone, you lose control over other parts of your life. What are you willing to give up to have a great relationship?

old-watch-patekGive up your TIME for a great relationship
Some of “your time” becomes “our time.”  Hopefully most of the time you spend together is enjoyable for the various reasons that people want to be together.  Some of the time together will not be for things that you like at all.  Family time might need to be split between two families.  Same with splitting friends time.  What about those season tickets or the weekly mah jongg game?  Some people like (need) to have some alone time.

Stack of One Hundred Dollar Bills U.S.Give up your MONEY for a great relationship
There may be a net gain or loss of money when you get into a relationship.  Know what you want. Money is a big issue, often the biggest issue, in relationships. If you are the one contributing more, do you both know your limits?  If you are the one contributing less, do you both know the limits?

CaboGive up your HOME for a great relationship
People sometimes get attached to their homes.  That’s natural. So there may be compromises about where you two bunk down. Where are you going to live? His place? Her place? A new place? There are also many issues with sharing space with someone. Can you agree on home size, neighborhood, decor, cleanliness, climate control, pets, noise, bedtime, mealtime, guests, parking, jelly beans (just checking if you’re paying attention), yard work, bath room time, closet space, snoring, holiday decoration, etc?  I’ve heard people argue seriously about the use of paper plates. Jeez!

Give up your SEX for a great relationship
Let’s hope that’s not an issue!

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I feel quite fortunate to have found Rose. We have a compatibility that I never expected. I hope you have the same great fortune with your life.

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